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    Major League Baseball presents a number of well known trophies and awards to the winner of the league. It is not only limited to the team only but also everyone related to baseball game are awarded and everyone’s contribution is honored. The players, managers and coaching stuff are awarded ever year in recognition to their outstanding performance.

    Commissioner’s Trophy is the most prestigious trophy of all. It is awarded annually to the winner of World Series by the Commissioner of Baseball. It was first awarded in 1967. The trophy was redesigned slightly in 1999. The current design incorporates the flag of each team play in the league. It is not named after a person unlike other major leagues of United States and Canada. A new trophy is awarded to the winner every year unlike Stanley Cup which is passed from Champion to Champion. The trophy has been awarded 42 times. New York Yankees have won this trophy seven times.

    Warren C. Giles Trophy is awarded every year to the winner of National League. This trophy is named after Warren Giles, the former president of National League. His son Bill Giles presents the trophy to the winner of the league each year. This trophy is passed from champion to champion.

    William Harridge Trophy is awarded to the winner of American League. It is the counterpart of Giles Trophy. This trophy has named after Will Harridge who was also the former president of the league. Unlike Giles Trophy, a new trophy is awarded each year.  These three are the main team trophy presented to the winner team by the MLB. But the awards are not limited to these. There are a lot of awards and rewards for individual performance. Award is given for each position and also for the sportsmanship.  Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Award is the most prestigious award for individual player. It is given to the most outstanding player from each league. It is the oldest trophy given by the MLB and started since 1931.  Cy Young award is presented annually to the best pitcher of the season. The pitcher with the best record from each of the league is selected for this trophy. It was named after Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young who died in 1955. Ford Frick Introduced this award in 1956.
    Another prestigious award for the player is Rookie of the Year. It is awarded annually to one player in each league. It was first awarded to the Jackie Robinson.  Gold Glove is awarded to the player who has exhibited extreme fielding performance in every position. Every year 18 Gold Glove is awarded, nine in each league for every fielding position.  Silver Slugger award is presented to the best offensive player in each position. The managers and coaches vote the players to select the winner.  The top hitter of the league is awarded with Hank Aaron award. World Series MVP is awarded based on the post-season performance. All-Star game MVP is awarded to the best performer of All-Star game. The Roberto Clemente Award is presented to the player with sportsmanship and community involvement. The best managers of the leagues are awarded with the Manager of the Year award which is most prestigious for the manager of the team.  There are a lot of other awards for the teams and the players. In addition to these players receive awards from different organization. But the most prestigious award for any player or manager is not the trophy but the love and support they gain from their fans.

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