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  • Major League Baseball Rules, Rule Book

    Baseball rules have evolved since the beginning but the overall game structure remained the same as the main target of the change was to improve the baseball game. Now, different league follow different rules but the most common features are same in all of the leagues. Major League Baseball strictly follows the rules according their manual.

    These rules are considered most standard ones as MLB is the most prestigious league of the world.  The main game structure is same for all the leagues of baseball. Baseball is a game between two teams of nine players each, under direction of a manager, played on an enclosed field. The game is held under direct supervision of several umpires. There may be four to six umpires depending on the importance of the match. These two teams compete against one another to win the match. The team that scores more runs is declared as winners. The field of a baseball game has four bases. These are called first, second, third and fourth bases. The third base is often called as Cushion while the fourth base is called Home Plate. These four bases make a square of 90 feet. The entire area outside the foul line is called foul territory. The four bases make the infield and the outfield is entire area outside the square bounded by the foul line and a wall or fence at the end. Pitcher’s mound is located in the center of the square and pitchers have to throw the ball from the mound. There are nine positions for the defensive side. The positions are Pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder and right fielder. Among them the position of pitcher and catcher is mandatory. The pitcher has to be on the pitcher’s mound to throw the ball and the catcher needs to take place behind Home plate. Catcher collects the ball if the batter misses the ball. He also gives pitcher the direction of pitching ball. Pitcher tries to pitch the ball toward home plate to make the batter out. The first, second and third baseman keep themselves near the bases to strengthen the defense. Shortstop takes place in between the bases. The left fielder, center fielder and right fielder comprise the outfield. They try to catch the flying balls and need to have good fielding skill. They need to be good thrower as they throw the balls to the first base.

    The job of the batter is to score as many runs possible. Batter tries to reach the first base after heating the ball. There are seven other methods that can allow the batter to reach the first base safely. When the batter reaches another base it is called a successful hit. The run depends on which base the batter has reached. If he can run all the bases then it is called a home run. A baseball game is divided into nine innings though the number of innings depends on the league. Each innings is divided into two half innings where in each half the defending team has to make three batsman out. After the whole nine innings the team that scores more run are declared as a winner. The rules are pretty simple and anyone can even learn the rules just by watching a game or two.

    The American League and National League follow the same rules except one exception. American league follows the Designated Hitter rules whereas National League does not support it. This rule is maintained by considering on what ground the game is played. On the ground of an American League team this rule is in action but on the ground of a National League team this rule is not maintained.

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