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  • Major League Baseball Records

    Baseball is being played as one of the major leagues for more than a century. As it is the best baseball league of the world, the best players of the world participate in this league. So it is no wonder that most of the baseball records are under the team and player of this league.  The individual performance of several players has made them the true legends. They hold the most of the records. But the record itself is not enough to describe their performance. Ty Cobb holds the record of highest batting average in a career which is .367. Hugh Duffy holds this record in a single game with an average of .440. Barry Bonds has scored 762 home runs in his career which is a record in MLB. He also holds the record of highest home runs in a single season with 73 home runs. Pete rose scored the record of most hits in his career with 4,256 hits. In a single season, Ichiro Suzuki has made the record with 262 hits. Cy Young holds the record of playing most games in a career. He played 815 games from 1890-1911 for five different teams. He also holds the record of most finished games with 749 completed games. He is the owner of a number of other records. He won 511 games in his career which is the record of most winning. He also holds the record of most loosing with 316 losses in his career. He holds the record of most innings pitched with 7,355 times. Rickey Henderson scored 2,295 runs in his career which is the record of most career runs. This record belongs to Billy Hamilton for a single season run of 192. Shawn Green holds the record of covering most bases in a single game with 19 bases. Four of these were home runs, a double and a single. Some of these records are considered as long lasting. Bill Mueller scored 1 grand slam from each side of the plate in the same game which will last for a long time. Johnny Burnett holds the record of most hitting in a game with 9 hitting. Guy Hecker scored seven runs in a single game which is a world record. These records are everlasting and it seems that will stay for a long time until a superman of baseball come in action.
    If team record is considered then no team can even go close to New York Yankees. They have won the World Series 27 times and no team is even close to them. The team with second position is St. Louis Cardinals with 10 championships. The Yankees have also won the American League 40 times which will remain safe for decades. For National League this title goes to St. Louis Cardinals with 17 National League championships. Oakland Athletics come in third place with 9 World Series winning. They are also in third position for winning 14 American League.
    There are a few players of other leagues who have done pretty well in baseball. Sadaharu Oh is one of them. He holds the record of most home runs in baseball with 868 home runs. He also holds this record for a single season with 55 home runs.
    These records are worth to be mentioned and will not be forgotten soon at least the baseball lovers will always remember the outstanding performance of these greatest stars of all time.

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